Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Friday, 8 February 2013


What became clear to me through doing our presentation was a need for me to try to draw together the research activity that I engaged in, and the practical changes that have been happening at AirSpace, in relation to the learning from our group project.
Johnny, you have mentioned a few times that the research transcripts may not be where it's at, but for some reason I am still really keen to see them finished, and to write up a paper or something on them.
I do see what you mean though, and in relation to the Common Practice text (thanks for that by the way - still reading it) It would be a good idea to try to think about AirSpace and its value as a small arts organisation, and in particular in relation to the cuts. This idea of needing to adapt to become either more corporate or more philanthropic definitely seems to need to be looked at in more detail. I think we have recognised that we need to almost become more strategically self-serving, which seems the opposite of philanthropy, in order to ensure sustainability (of our own interest in giving so much to the project, without monetary reward.) Maybe this could be an angle for me to look at.
I am trying to pull things together, and think about what to do with the content gathered. I am hoping the conversation we have this afternoon might help with that.
In the mean time, I have added our 4 leadership badges to my collection of small things.

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