Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Friday, 8 February 2013

six questions

 An interesting catch up on Skype for us - I had hoped that the presentation in Leeds would solidfy whst we are doing but unfortunately seems to have dislodged things a bit... In terms of our conversation we discussed publishing online rather than in a publication - better reach and potentially more useful.  We also discussed the possibility of an event as a manifestation - something I hadn't thought of...  It would be interesting but I feel that we need to put a line in the sand, a marker down here, ...  (and then have the possibility of an event)  otherwise things can rumble on...

It seems to me that our six questions are key again - maybe these should be the answerables that we build our manifestation on...  I certainly feel that me and Susan's work try to answer ours - Emily and Anna are less fixed on their outcome at the moment - is it helpful to try to answer your question/s guys?

By having the questions on the homepage, these could introduce  our research for the viewer, aiding their navigation- we could then introduce a bit of context as to why we wish to answer this question... I think this could work...

How do you make the gallery relevant to the community in which its in?

How to build trust into the commissioning process?

What are the connections between what you are doing and how do they work for you?

How to put art in the centre rather than access?

Which direction do you want to face?

How to build a structure that has room for change or  failure?

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