Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Friday, 8 February 2013

Mix Tape

We are thinking about a manifestation in the form of a website mix tape: Emily's image of Mixtape from our presentation above.
We just agreed in our skype meeting to share other sites we like for different reasons.
I like as I like how it's quite random.
I really like the Miranda July website because I love the first page.
I quite like the idea of it being a repository for all things participation, but realise that might be too unmanageable, and our conversations seem to suggest it is purely a repository for the content we already have. I will have a think about others that might be good to look at.


  1. If we talking about fav websites - check out Denmark Street Community Centre website:
    Great home page, and cool documentary pictures of Royal Wedding:

    Also not sure if getting a website designed is right - doesn't sit entirely with my DIY ideals - we're not really gonna get £600 return - have seen this template on wordpress and think it would do us...

    An example of a site that uses it:

  2. Gridspace does look a good template and seems to work well for more text based blogs as well. This approach would be much more time consuming, there would be a lot of decisions to be made as a group and we'd need to think about how we managed this. One of my favourite websites is for the way it is interactive, mixes different formats and really encourages you to spend to time exploring the work.

  3. And another nice site from our pals at ... Artlink!

    I especially like the A+ and A- buttons for growing the txt and shrinking the text

    I know the designer who worked on this - she works at our studios in The Drill Hall - can speak to her re quote...