Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Peak District weekend

Accomodation is booked at Sycamore Barns Friday 14th December til Monday 17th December, leaving by 11am.

Here is some helpful info from Martin at the Barns and his contact is (0)7798 530536:
1. The nearest railway station to Sycamore Farm is Ambergate, which is about 3 miles away. It is easiest is you book a taxi to meet your train and they will bring you up here (it should cost about 6 pounds). We can provide taxi details, if that helps.
2. Wirksworth is our local town and has all the facilities you should need (it is about half an hours walk away – slightly more coming back up the hill!)
3. For four of you I would suggest Knob End for your stay, which is slightly more cosy than Matkins, which has a larger living area.
4. All our cottages have nice wood-burning stoves, and we include as much wood as you need in the price.
5. The whole of Sycamore Farm is primarily heated with wood, from a local pine forest that is being replaced with broad-leaved woodland.
6. The full price for 3 nights from 14th December is £446.25, however as you are intending to arrive by train we are happy to provide it for £400.00. I have pencilled in your booking. If you’d like to secure it we normally ask for a 25% deposit, with the balance due a month before your arrival....

Once we know when we are all arriving we can arrange to meet at Ambergate or the cottage.  Emily arrives about 12 and I will arrive about 1pm.  Emily needs to leave sunday evening, everyone else can stay til monday morning.  Here are details of local Taxi firms:
1. Amber Taxis – 01773 836100
2. MJs Taxis – 01629 826060
3. Matlock Taxis - 01629 584195

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