Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Saturday, 15 December 2012

In the cottage

We are in the cottage. A curry is bubbling on the stove, the wood burner is getting through a pile of logs, everyone is in socks and stripey tops. This morning we spent 5 minutes introducing who we are as practitioners and leaders: then 5 minutes introducing our research.
We then attempted to summarise for each other what we were hearing: which Emily pointed out may be problematic, as we may not be communicating what we think we are, and also the summariser will hear the bits they are most interested in. Anyway here is what we had at the end of that process:
Susan's research: A chance to be more strategic rather than reactionary and able to plan to embed art at the centre of what they (Artlink) do, and start there. Question: How do you plan to embed art at the centre of what you do?
Johnny: building a structure in order to understand what happens when one element changes, and considerations around failure. Question: How do you build a structure, which has room for change/failure?
Emily: Realisation that the commissioning process can be intuitive or built on trust. Question: How do you build trust into the process?
Anna: Usefulness of art, and ways to involve participants in the direction of a project. Questions: Which direction do you want to face in? What are the connections between all the things I am doing and how do they work for me? How to make the gallery more relevant to the community its placed in?
We went for lunch at a local pub. We are now making a curry and deciding how to progress: we want to spend the rest of the day finding common links between our research.
Tomorrow we want to decide on a manifestation, and how to approach the group project. Time is going too fast.

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