Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Crazy Golf

Thanks emily and susan for sending the hard copies through... I've reviewed and got some thoughts. Anna, lots of good thoughts on the blog, thanks... So we're got various collated 'research' materials together on this blog...  I'm going to review all this on Tuesday if you don't mind, and will respond, seeing what connections we are providing.

One area, and please indulge me whilst I go round in circles, or whilst we're throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks, I'm also interested in investigating is 'value' - and how that value is communicated.  Or what happens if that value can't be communicated and what you're left with is the art... You don't need to know the ins and outs of production and personal value when looking at a Picasso - you start with the object.  Often we have an impulse where we want to highlight the value, but we would give ourselves an easier job if we stopped chasing rainbows...If I come back to the question of mediation - often we talk over the artwork itself...

Value for me is important because if we value the work so highly, then what happens to it? When we created the 8m long drawings, we had an interesting discussion with the Scottish Parliament - I went to offer them, they said we don't accept gifts, I said who's talking gifts...  Often value gets bundled up with monetary value, which when the work is by non-professionals, it doesn't equate.Who looks after it? Does it get looks after? Or is it just ephemeral? Is that downplaying its potential.  I thought it very interesting that the only collection of work created in schools etc... is hidden away in the Yorkshire Scuplture park, and it seems that people aren't quite sure what to do with it...

If it was 1000 pieces created by 1000 people over 1hr, then I would imagine it would have less depth and resonance - but if it was 1 piece done by one person over 1000 hours then I would imagine then that is something to treasure... and the thing is, is that I think that this is whats possible - so much more than the 1000 pieces...

Finally, I also wrote this in a comment for susan below, following her comment on 'One armed bandit...' post but though it would be worth asking the group for answers..." Anyway I think I said this, but perhaps in our push for authentic we need to work out who we want to imagine the audience of our work to be... not who is or will be, but who could it be?"

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  1. Yes value is important: does that also have something to do with IMPACT? Not a word I enjoy. and also, when you are talking about audience Johnny are you talking about work in general or this project we are doing? Are you asking us to ask who the audience might be for this thing we are doing? I guess that is a good question: and brings us back to how best to represent it, if we want to document and present it we need to know who it is for first so we pitch it right. Or do we? I was thinking about the project inviting a range of participants who have been involved in walking projects: artists, participants, organisations: and the expereince is shared on the walk: but then each of those may document and represent this activity (and the ones being discussed) from their own point of view: providing a range of voices and approaches?