Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Small Change

It's funny how things seem to crop up and pop up once you get thinking about them. I suppose one of the things that interests me as an artist/arts project producer/human is the idea of permission, control and activism. To some extent I consider the role of artists to be to demonstrate where there are gaps, or opportunities that are not being used, or spaces that are waiting to be filled (I stop short at problems waiting to be solved.) I have just had a meeting about a new network being set up by Oxford Brookes University and Multistory, called The Small Change Network. I don't know if you have read Small Change by Nabeel Hamdi? It's a great book about people getting started on things in their communities: instead of waiting for someone to come along and solve stuff, it is all about people recognising resources, and making small changes which lead to bigger changes. I feel like the thing we are looking at, trying to explore might be relevant here? What do you think?
There is a forum:  where you can find out more.
I wonder if there are any links to be made?

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