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Monday, 11 March 2013

drawing ends together

Still confused after all this time...
I realise I have been putting off drawing together the research project, our group project, the things that have happened at AirSpace as a result and the Leadership programme as a whole.
I like things to make sense, and this is not easily or neatly wrapped up. Reading Susan's drawing together process is really helpful, as it doesn't attempt to make it all fit neatly together. There have been a number of  correlatory things going on at once, and so I think I need to treat them like that to understand them.
I think then, my output for this project will be
3 X transcripts with 2 project participants and one lead organiser.
A piece of writing about the questions raised by the group project, and how this lead to an organisational development session with AirSpace and the rewriting of our Mission Statement.
Some collages which relate to evidence of decision making that I will draw out from the transcripts and the writing about the development. Still to do...
Through conversation I realise that in some ways we have come back to the original thoughts: I realised that at the beginning I  wanted to talk about survival. The research undertaken made me look at personal survival in relation to organisational survival, and put those things together.

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