Anna, Emily, Johnny & Susan, Wakefield, 13 June 2012

Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Having agreed to make a badge for each of us which will underline the part of the presentation where we draw out relevant learning for the wider group we have each chosen a slogan to represent one aspect of our learning.
When it gets to the bit where we share that, we will offer the other groups a chance to select one of our badges, which hopefully will get them thinking about the relevance of our learning to their own experiences on the programme.
Susan's badge says Expert in...and people can add their own text. and comes from Acknowledge and use the expertise of everyone in the room, including yourself.
Emily's says Leadership is responsive and came from understanding about confidence in flexibility.

 Johnny's say equality/quality and mine says 'don' mind the gap - and comes from a realisation through involvment with the course that the job of the leader is not to always fill gaps, but might just be to recognise them.

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  1. thanks Anna, these look great and good to have the reasoning behind the idea here too.