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Monday, 15 October 2012

Glasgow Research Trip

I went to Glasgow for three days last week to undertake my research process.
I had planned to met with Celina Jeffery, Manager and editor of Drain magazine, and attend a workshop and talk, but unfortunately these were cancelled last minute. I had set up some other meeting as well with participants in the Clipperton Project expedition to Clipperton Island:
Sculptor Charles Engebretsen and Marine Biologist Kathy Dunlop, as well as an opportunity to see the Clipperton Project Exhibition at the new home of Glasgow Sculpture Studios.
 I had also organised to meet Clementine Sandison, an artist and cultural worker at The Hidden Garden project, about the Glasgow Harvest projects and Culture Kitchen which she is very much leading on.
I now need to have time to transcribe my interviews and write up what I feel happened.
But for now here are the questions which I asked, after looking at Johnny's questions:
1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your practice?
2. Can you describe the project for me?
3. How did you get involved?
4. What did you hope to achieve?
5. Have you been able to do that?
6. What did you do?
7. What connections did you make?
8. What helped you/impeded you?
9. Were you able to shape the direction of the project? In what way?
10. What were the results/manifestation? How did you help decide them?
11. How were the results and the project recorded? Did this seem appropriate?
12. Have the relationships continued?
13. What happens next? Where does it go?
14. Is what happened useful? Who for?
15. Has involvement impacted on you - in your life or the way that you work?

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