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Sunday, 14 October 2012

discussion themes

 I'm starting to focus my research and will post more as ideas develop and as I identify artists for discusisons.  At this stage this is what I'm thinking about.


  • In what ways do the arts promote change?
  • What are the ethical implications of this? – whose change? what change?
  • How can processes of change be documented, recorded and presented? - consider that changes may be; intended or unintended, within a project, as a result of it or beyond the immediate activity.
  • In what ways can project documentation support participation and change?
Draw comparisons between theories of education and socially engaged practise to understand these processes and in order to recognise and begin to take full advantage of my own skills. 

Test developing understandings through discussions with artists about their practise.

Reflect on my own approach to project design and development, work with artists and sharing of project stories.

Working Ideas:

Artists lead through practise by enabling us to see the world differently.

Artists lead without knowing the answers, valuing risk and uncertainty
"Creating without preconceptions means fostering conditions rather than producing the object or situation"

Its not necessarily about promoting an agenda of change but rather acknowledging
“the ability of every individual touched by the work to think in new ways.”

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